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The Collaborative Relationship You Need

Our business philosophy centers on our ability to mentor our customers, act as a link between the business and technological environments, and build trusting relationships.

We are multi-specialists, which allows us to offer software services that fulfill today's enterprise demands for modernization, integration, and value-chain simplification. We are not locked into any software technology or vendor. Moreover, you will always find us willing to solve IT challenges with both new and old technologies.

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Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

ESB is an evolution of information technologies aimed to improve, integrate, and extend the flow of information.
Among ESB's core technologies are:

1. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
2. Message Oriented Middleware (MOM).
3. Web Services.
4. XML data transformation.
5. Intelligent data routing.

Our team of consultants can help you establish a software architecture (ESB) that facilitates the integration of your business applications and data. We can assist you on mastering new enterprise integration skills, and ultimately help you grow your information network.

Legacy Modernization

As a subset of our ESB services, we can help you modernize your legacy applications. We can open up, integrate, and improve the utilization of these applications while helping you retain and leverage one of your greatest assets: business rules and data.

Explore with us your alternatives for modernization. We will help you evaluate and select the best alternative with the support of our extensive modernization record.

Content Management

We believe in a paperless organization and the compelling need for capturing and sharing knowledge. Hence, we are building this company from the ground up around this philosophy.

Based on our proven record of highly-successful content management implementations, we look forward to helping you reduce costs as well as store and efficiently retrieve knowledge and other content data.


We build custom training sessions and provide mentoring projects for IT staff.

We are very successful with sharing our expertise because we emphasize in-depth technical knowledge and strong communication skills.

We adapt to different learning capacities and bring innovation to our service to assure that everybody grasps the subject of study.