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eWorldTree is a Texas Limited Liability Company founded in 2006 with the firm belief that the current IT Professional Services model can be innovated to consistently exceed customers' expectations.

eWorldTree is headquarted in Austin, Texas, where there is a thriving technology sector (known as the "Silicon Hill") fueled by University of Texas graduates as well as out-of-State and "imported" high-tech workers.

Austin is also known for its live music scene with two major annual festivals: the Austin City Limits music festival, and a film/music/multimedia festival known as South by Southwest.

The World Tree

The Mayans created one of the greatest civilizations in our history, which is attributed with the invention of the zero, and which developed an astonishing mathematical and astrological knowledge that we continue admiring today. Proof of these accomplishments, for instance, are the patterns of light and shadow that fall on the Pyramid of Kukulcan (also known as "El Castillo"), in Chichen Itza, during the solstices and equinoxes that occur while the Sun orbits around the Earth.

In Mayan mythology, the winter solstice sun corresponds to the deity "Hunab Ku" who, according to Mayan sacred texts, was the sole creator. This supreme deity had four children, named Bacab, who were placed in the four corners of the globe. At the center of these cardinal points was the World Tree, which was the link between the sky, the earth, and the netherworld.

This myth and its fascinating combination with the mathematics and geometry achieved by the Mayans has inspired not only the company name, but also our goal of creating equally outstanding accomplishments in Information Technology. At eWorldTree we are committed to linking our customers to an exceptional portfolio of IT services and solutions.


To become a global company renowned for its outstanding and pioneering services and software solutions.

We make contributions that bring order and innovation to Information Technology. We team up with our customers to streamline business processes, exceed expectations, and experience the reward that comes from solving today's and tomorrow's IT challenges.

Core Values
  • Simplicity,
  • High QoS,
  • Creation, acquisition, and sharing of expertise (and best practices),
  • Hard work and creativity,
  • Honesty and integrity.

Core Purpose
To be a catalyst that simplifies the IT challenges of our customers.